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Onion Conditioner With Moringa & Wheat Grass Plant Protein For Hairfall Control & Hair Growth-200ml

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 It is an inseparable part of your hair care routine. Regular application helps boost growth, prevent breakage, reduce hairfall and add natural shine and volume to your hair. Rejuvenate dry hair and itchy scalp with Kalit Natures Onion Conditioner. 


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If you think using shampoo alone will give you thick and lustrous hair then think again. It’s high time we realised that just washing the hair won’t do wonders, following up with a nourishing conditioner is absolutely necessary. Just like moisturizing the face after washing it is important, using a good conditioner is also important. Washing the hair opens up the pores on scalp and following up with a natural conditioner can help pump in nutrients that can strengthen your hair and boost growth. Which is why Kalit Natures Onion Conditioner with moringa & wheat grass plant protein becomes the best bang for your bucks. We at Kalit Natures believe that Maa Prakriti (Mother Natures) has all the answers to our hair and skin problems. Therefore, we have handpicked some of the most potent hair revitalizing ingredients.


Kalit Natures Onion Conditioner is an invigorating hair tonic designed to stimulate growth and prevent hair fall by strengthening the roots. Its hand-picked ingredients like Red Onion, Black Seed Oil and Wheatgrass and Niacinamide are proven to strengthen hair and prevent breakage while promoting growth of new hair. On the other hand, the nourishing properties of Black Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera provide all the moisture that the scalp needs to prevent dryness, frizziness as well as dandruff and itchy scalp. Only a healthy and nourished scalp can give you strong and lustrous hair, hence the ingredients are carefully chosen and mixed in just the right quantity. Provided that winters are here already, Kalit Natures Onion Conditioner is here to take your hair care a notch up.


  1. Boosts hair growth and strengthens the roots. Helps prevent breakage.
  2. Has wonderful cleansing properties. Removes dead cells from the scalp and makes way for new hair. 
  3. Adds volume and luster to the hair. Moisturizes and keeps dandruff away.
  4. Helps correct dry and frizzy hair and prevents pigmentation and rejuvenates hair follicles.
  5. Helps boosts Keratin levels and makes hair fuller and prevents hair fall.


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